Rustic Wooden White Lantern


Rustic Wooden White Lantern

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Product description

This listing is for a gorgeous hand made from start to finish rustic pure white wood lantern! This design is simple, yet very elegant! Perfect for the farmhouse vibes. Place on a table, fireplace, porch, anywhere you want to add some charm! These also make great lanterns for centerpieces for weddings or events.

**Please note: greenery/candles/decor is NOT included with purchase! This is just for the WHITE WOODEN LANTERN ONLY!!**
**If you wish to purchase the eucalyptus greenery and the candle, please contact us as we can do an add on upon request, but again, this listing purchase is just for the wooden lantern.**

-purchase comes with plain pure white wooden lantern pictured---DOES NOT INCLUDE greenery/candles/decor/etc.
-lantern is constructed of wood
-lantern is plain pure white 
-lantern does not contain any glass
-lantern measures: 7.25" x 7"
-lantern is 19.5" in total height
-inner part for placing candles or decor is 4.5" x 4" and 10" in height inside lantern
-lantern wood is meant to be rustic and natural in appearance for that rustic beauty and charm ♥

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